Safe-Gate for the

 safety of people

Covid-19 has changed everyday life, since work and social relationships shifted to an online reality. This new lifestyle has its’ benefits, but the restrictions forced people and the world to face challenges never seen before. The stakes are high: if we handle the situation well, we can ensure our loved ones’ safety, we can minimize the economic crisis and we can get our freedom back in all areas of our lives faster. The disinfectant Safe-Gate reduces the illnesses spread by viruses and bacterias, which now, with the appearance of the coronavirus is a particularly important task. 

Why should you invest in Safe-Gate?

The disinfectant Safe-Gate is a useful investment in terms of social responsibility, and also in the economic interests of companies, institutions and corporations. 


Let’s take the example of shopping malls or multinational companies. In both cases hundreds or thousands of people turn up every day. In favour of the ability for the workers or the visitors to stay in the given space without fear, it is crucial, for them to feel safe. 


The use of commercial hand sanitizers is impractical, since it is impossible to rid every person from head to toe of the bacteria causing the infection. Not to mention that this would be a time-consuming and inconvenient process. 


The disinfectant Safe-Gate destroys 95% of all settled bacterias and viruses only within 5 seconds. Thanks to this, it allows us to feel safe while travelling, at our jobs, or in community spaces. It also allows us to protect our loved ones, to prevent further infections, and to decrease the probability and severity of the second wave. 


Once the antidote for Covid-19 will be available, the disinfectant Safe-Gate will still be a useful part of everyday life. The winter flu season results in mass illnesses every year, however with the use of Safe-Gate the number of patients can be significantly reduced. As a result, people stay healthy and they contribute to maintaining economic activity in all aspects. 


Convenient and easy to use

The disinfectant Safe-Gate is user friendly from all aspects. 


The software of the Safe Gate is compatible with the image storage and transmission tasks of the access control systems. The software does not have an automatic data recording function – but on request – it can store the personnel data of the crossing people – for ex. in office buildings. This function due to the regulations of the GDPR is only possible with the consent of the employees. 

Due to the built in contactless body-thermometer the Safe Gate is immediately indicating if ones measures are out of the normal range. This indicator will not stop the person to cross over the Gate, it is the protocol of each institution which will regulate these measures.

After the measurement of the body temperature is taken, the user can enter into the gate area of the Safe Gate, where the sensors activate the disinfectant spraying system, which evaporates in to even concentrate of the disinfectant fluid. The disinfectant fluid used by the Safe Gate will have its effect within 5 seconds. The tests on the disinfectant fluid have proven 99.9% effectivity in destroying the viruses and bacteria on the clothing and on the hair within this short time.

Usage areas


Easy to install and use
Easy portability
 High pressure fogging method
 Maximum surface access
 Input-Output sensor
 Adjustable to the ground
 Light control warning system
Specially coated metal body
Electrical installation in accordance

• With IP65 protection class
Temperature measuring sensor and instrument panel
 PACS integration

Main features

The effectiveness of Self-Gate lies in the simplicity of the principle of operation.

The disinfectant Self-Gate can be filled with several types of disinfectant fluids according to the specific epidemiological situation. With the use of the right disinfectant we can take up the fight against pathogens in a targeted way, let it be viruses of bacterias. 


The disinfectant fluid in the tank is dispersed through the stainless steel pipes and spray nozzles in the Safe Gate’s operating area where it is evaporated in the gate’s air in an even concentrate without splashing. 

Private and official organizations
Police and military units
 Shopping malls
 Entertainment centers
 Concert areas
 Schools, Universities
Nursing homes

Busy streets and squares











Gate details

Number of atomization openings

10 pcs


120x60x215 cm


162 kg


Infrared light

Fog making way


Temperature collection sites

Forehead, Wrist

Temperature accuracy

+/- 0.3C


Hand sanitizer module, Carpet

Disinfectation length

5 seconds

Atomization volume

Standard 4L per hour

Hourly performance

600 people


With 4 wheels 

Operating voltage


Working voltage

220 V AC

Screen size

17,2 Cm

Tank Capacity

20 liter