Escalator hand rail disinfectant


The Covid-19 virus overwrote the usual weekdays, the work and social relations moved to the online space. The constraints pose unprecedented challenged to people and the world. The stakes are huge: if we handle the situation well, we can know our loved ones safely, we can minimize the economic reality and we can regain our freedom in all areas of life sooner.

The CE-certified escalator hand rail disinfectant kills the vast majority of viruses, pathogens and bacteria that settle on the barrier of escalators and walkways. In addition to Covid-19, the UV-C used by the device is also highly effective against E-coli, staphylococcus, candida and influenza-causing viruses.

How does the escalator hand rail disinfectant help fight the virus?

Unfortunately according to the forecasts, the second wave of the Covid-19 has reached us. After the relative easing of the regulations in the summer months the situation is worse than it was in spring. The mortality has risen dramatically. The wet, foggy and cold weather experienced in the autumn-winter season is always a good environment for the viruses and bacteria meaning we are heading towards a very hard and stressful period from the point of the pandemic. Due to the lack of a vaccine or a certain cure it is inevitable for all of us to handle the situation in the most responsible way and to make as much necessary protective measures as possible in order to eliminate the spread of the Covid-19.

The use of escalators is essentially unavoidable in everyday life. If we step on the escalator, we will almost certainly cling to the barrier. When our hand touches the tape, which has been caught by thousands of other people in front of us, the pathogens stick to our skin. If we then touch our face or eyes, we provide a free way for the virus to spread. The escalator hand rail disinfectant is a sure solution to this problem.

The escalator hand rail disinfectant can not only help to reduce the severity of the second wave of the disease, but also to make the restrictions we put into our daily lives as little as possible. Thanks to the UV-C rays, the escalator disinfectant kills viruses and pathogens that settle on the hand rail on a large scale. With the use of the hand rail disinfectant we can minimize the spread of the disease in shopping centers, the metro network and at airports.

Why is it worth investing in an escalator hand rail disinfectant?

The use of the escalator hand rail disinfectant is in our common interest both economic and a social point of view. Take, for example, a shopping mall or a busy metro station. In both places thousands of people turn up every day. Customer and passengers are sure to use the escalator, which has an excellent base for various bacteria and viruses. It may not be viable for people to disinfect their hands immediately after using the escalator, they will almost for sure touch their face of eyes for some reason.


The Escalator Hand Rail Disinfectant can be one of the most outstanding equipment to eliminate the spread of the coronavirus, due to its ability to kill the 99.9% of the pathogens located on the rails. This would allow us to feel more secure while travelling or while being in a shopping mall. With the usage of the Escalator Hand Rail Disinfectant we have better chances, even with the rising mortality, to eliminate more severe restrictions or another quarantine regulations. This is not only very important in the case of the physical or mental wellbeing of our community but as well as from an economic point of view of our society. .


The escalator hand rail disinfectant can be a useful part of everyday life even when the antidote to Covid-19 is available. The winter flu season results in mass illnesses every year, but the escalator hand rail disinfectant can significantly reduce the spread of disease. And if people stay healthy, they will make a better contribution to maintaining economic activity in all respects.


The escalator hand rail disinfectant: easy and efficient operation

The stainless steel escalator hand rail disinfects the escalator hand rail with the help of UV-C disinfecting rays and promises great efficiency. The principle of operation of the structure is extremely simple.

The disinfection machine continuously disinfects the rolling escalator hand rail so that the passengers can grip a completely disinfected part of the handrail.

In addition, the escalator hand rail disinfectant also perfectly meets the accident prevention criteria. Since the structure must be fitted to the lowest part of the escalator hand rail, in addition to the intended use of the escalator, the disinfection operation of the escalator is also completely safe.


 The escalator hand rail disinfectant is environmentally friendly
In addition to its high efficiency, one of the biggest advantaged of the escalator hand rail disinfectant is that it uses the kinetic energy of the escalator for its operation. The structure simply needs to be fitted in the right place and can be used immediately!


Make the escalator hand rail disinfectant unique with your own

The escalator hand rail disinfectant may bear a company logo, but this requires a separate agreement in each case. If you would like to use this service, please send a message!

The escalator hand rail disinfectant has proved its efficiency at many points in the world.

The escalator hand rail disinfectant has proved its efficiency all across the world, such as South-Korea, China, Singapore, Taiwan, or in the United States.

Most important parameter of the escalator hand rail disinfectant

  • Easy installation and use

  • Does not require a seperate power source

  • Disinfects with UV-C

To whom do we recommend the escalator hand rail disinfectant?

The escalator hand rail disinfectant is ideal for shopping enters, metro stations, airports and entertainment centers, as well as all areas where escalators are available. In addition to good hygiene practices, the long-term use of the hand rail disinfectant can also help to make people safer when travelling, shopping or just while having fun.